Installing Your CCTV

It's really difficult to give you a price without seeing the property as there are a lot of factors to consider, such as what system you want in relation to quality of image, analogue or HD, what style of camera, what length of recording memory you would want, even to the layout of your property to establish how many engineers we would need and how long it would take to install the system.

We don't like to use guess work and we would rather use our time to give you a survey and an accurate price, this is simply so we don't over charge you or of course under charge you and then have to increase the price when we surveyed. All our systems are fully fitted, fully warrantied, record 24/7 and can be viewed on smart phones/tablets as well as your own TV. If you would like more information the best way forward is usually to arrange a free survey but I am sure we can help as we do cater for most budgets.

To give you a rough idea, below you can see the different types of installation we do.

Key Words:

Junction Box - We use weatherproof junction box to to maintain good video quality.

CAT5/6 Cable - CAT5 & CAT6 Cables are very high quality network cable, which will allow you to wire through small gaps and easy to replace TVI camera to IP Camera in the future or even use for other purposes, such as networking.

Remote View - Setting up your CCTV & enabling for you to access the live footage from any of your smartphone or tablet.

Loft Installation - It's safe to keep your DVR/NVR installed securely in the loft, hence the device won't be stolen in an event and the recording will be kept safe.

PVC Pipe Insulation - As well as we use high standard solid copper cable (CAT6), we can use PVC pipe make keep the cable secure.

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